Russian Bronze
Russian Bronze Evaluation & Appraisal


Got a Russian bronze?

We can help you identify, evaluate or sell it. We do not charge you for this service.

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Items for trade & sale PDF Print

Besides the main Gallery we're offering a special room where all the registered members could sell their bronzes, buy one, or make a trade with the other members. To see what's available at the moment go to For Sale / Trade.

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Share Your Collection PDF Print

Collectors are welcome to share their lovely bronzes with the internet community by displaying them at our website.   Big collectors and art investors may like this idea, as the more  people are educated about it and involved in the subject matter, the higher value their bronze collections gain.

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About the Project PDF Print

This RUSSIAN BRONZE online project is meant for antique dealers, auction & museum experts, collectors, art investors and others interested in the subject matter, as well as those who just love Russian sculpture in general for its unique realistic performance, place in the world art history, and Russian 19th c. sculptural thought upraise in particular.

Online Forums PDF Print

Discussions blog section is provided here for sharing thoughts and knowledge between the members and to the public in general.

Our Business Concepts & Ethic PDF Print

We understand that some information may hurt your business interests, so to avoid it we undertake following obligations:

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