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Sculptural images of Russian Tsars, Empresses, Generals and other historical and cultural figures.

Скульптурные изображения русских царей, князей, полководцев, деятелей искусства и культуры, а также  другой знати.

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Name SKU Thumbnail Image Description  
Russian Knight KLD003 Peter Klodt Product Details
Nikolai I On Horseback KLD004 Peter Klodt Product Details
General Skobeleff LAN011 Eugeny Lanceray Product Details
Boyarin Morozov LAN054 Eugeny Lanceray Product Details
Russian Gussard LAN089 Eugeny Lanceray Product Details
Sviatoslav LAN100 Eugeny Lanceray Product Details
A.S.Pushkin OPE001 Alexander Opekushin Product Details
Nikolay I Monumental ORS001 Comte De Orsay Product Details
Imperator Alexander III SLF001 N. Shleifer Product Details
Imperator Nikolai I SRL001 Norbert Schrodl Product Details

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