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Sculptural images of Russian Tsars, Empresses, Generals and other historical and cultural figures.

Скульптурные изображения русских царей, князей, полководцев, деятелей искусства и культуры, а также  другой знати.

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Name SKU Thumbnail Image Description  
Alexander Skryabin SUD002 Seraphin Soudbinine Product Details
Count Leon Tolstoi TRU002 P. Troubetzkoy Product Details
Leo Tolstoy TRU007 Paul Troubetzkoy Product Details
Tolstoy On Horseback TRU008 Paul Troubetzkoy Product Details
Elizaveta Alekseevna UKN001 Unknown artist Product Details
Ekatherine II UKN003 Fedot Shubin Product Details
Peter The Great UKN004 Unknown artist Product Details
Imperator Alexander I UKN007 Unknown Artist Product Details
Peter I - The Great UKN009 Maria Collot Product Details
Imperator Alexander II UKN024 Unknown Product Details

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