Carl F. Woerffel

Original name of the foundry: F.F. Woerffel & Gesserich.
Known from 1840s through 1914, after that it became a property of Carl Faberge.
Active with sculpture casting from early 1870s till early 1900s.
It was the main competitor to F. Chopin (Shopen) foundry.
The foundry was renamed from “Fabrica Woerffel” to “Zavod Woerffel” in 1893. As a fact, here is no spelling “Завод” in Latin letters known, though there is a bronze with the marking “FABR” and the modeling date 1903 to it. So, it is possible that for export they could keep using “FABR” all the time, even after 1893.
The names of the sculptors whose works have been cast at the foundry are: N. Lieberich, V. Grachev, E. Naps, A. Ober, R. Bach, L. Posen, P. Samonoff and some others.
Location: St. Petersbourg, Russia.


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