Strange and Unique Markings

We’ve been writing about some fakes and reproductions with wrong signatures and names of the artists, as well as some foundry marks in this regard. Now we are giving you some examples of just misspellings on the totally genuine statues. Some other markings are just unique.

foundry-marks-signatures - oshibki1

There are two misspellings her, the correct way is this –  “FABR. C.F.WOERFFEL”

foundry-marks-signatures - oshibki2

One last letter is missing here.

foundry-marks-signatures - oshibki3

Just a unique old style to write the letter “e”.

foundry-marks-signatures - oshibki4

Forgot to mention for how many years…

foundry-marks-signatures - oshibki5

Very rare example of Grachev’s signature, probably his own handwriting, with “V” in Cyrillic for Vasily.

F.N. NikAlaev