Ober, Artemy

Artemy Ober - Обер Артемий Лаврентиевич (1843 – 1917)


Ober Artemy-Arthur Lavrentievich - Russian sculptor-animalist was born in Moscow in a family of second generation French immigrants. In late 1860s presented some of his very first works to Peter Klodt and was highly appreciated by the master. Studied at St.Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts in 1864-1865, then was sent by his father to Paris to study animalism under L. Barye for the next about five years. Sketched a lot of different animals at the zoo in Paris. Cast his models in majolica and bronze. Mostly lived in St. Petersbourg. Was very busy with modeling dozens of animals for about thirty years. Got most of his works exhibited in 1886 jointly with E. Lanceray.

In 1993 was awarded with a status of an academician. Died in 1917 in Petrograd (St.Petersburg).

Обер-Оберъ, Артемий Лаврентьевич. бронза подпись клеймо

"А. Оберъ" клеймо русский скульптор Артемий Обер бронза антиквариат Москва

А. Оберъ клеймо образец фото оттиска клейма в бронза старинная бронза статуэтка скульптура

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